What are Prohormones?

Prohormones introduction

Before 2004th there were no regulations about steroids usage, thus numerous side effects forced the government to make a call and ban steroids. From that point, some manufacturers are selling steroids illegally in unmarked bottles, on the black market or under an alias. Once the fraud discovered, new rules established, and steroids are officially banned.

Because Drastic measures need drastic actions and a whole market uncovered with steroids, the production of prohormones as a legal alternative to steroids starts growing rapidly. These alternatives are prohormones, legal steroids, designer steroids.

Prohormones, Prehormones, Pro Hormones are chemical compounds with the ability to boost production of natural steroid hormones our body excretes regularly.

There is not a simple way to explain why there is no just one prohormone I guess it will be the easiest to understand it if we go from the root.

PROHORMONES are Androgens – steroid hormone subproduct no matter natural or synthetic, by means with the ability to attach to Androgen receptors. You will notice common upper letter case (A) for Androgen.

  • Androgens are produced by our endocrine system naturally in:
    adrenal glands
    the testes
    the ovaries.

Prohormones intake artificially will stimulate our body to produce more of steroid hormones. Natural hormones boost tremendously during the puberty and its function is to develop male or female body characteristics (Testosterone and Estrogen).

There are numerous androgens but we will first do those related to Testosterone.

Testosterone – (the most known androgen) is crucial for male sexual characteristics ( more muscles, body hair, an increase in sex drive, energy, strength, stamina).

Main Subset of Androgens Prohormones Types

These hormones are produced by the adrenal gland that’s why all of these hormones are Androgens.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)  if this doesn’t sound familiar maybe you heard about it as Androstenolone. The most effective prohormone for muscle growth and athletic performances. An endogenous steroid hormone is the first from the branch Andro with strong biosynthesis.

Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA sulfate or DHEA-S) DHEA sulfate is metabolite sulfate from DHEA, an intermediate steroid subproduct of DHEA biosynthesis.(1)

Androstenedione ((A4) Otherwise known as Andro) has the weakest effects on bodybuilding and muscle growth. Androstenedione in the synthesis of testosterone the weakest. Androstenedione is subproduct of DHEA. So if you want to pick stronger to implement in workout regimen, DHEA Androstenolone may be much better choice.


Dihydrotestosterone – Otherwise known as DHT. DHT has stronger effects compared to Testosterone above mentioned. Its ability to create a strong bond with androgen receptors and to create it fast. This chemical relationship makes DHT more effective version compared to Testosterone.(2)

How can this help better understand of Prohormones related to muscle-growth supplementation?

I set it up in order from strongest to the weakest. DHEA comes first and its subproducts come after. Now when you look at the label of your Legal Steroids bottle or Designer Steroid, you will see what can have better effects and you can plan wanted results.

Are Prohormones and Steroids the same?

Pure Steroids are Anabolic Androgen Steroids ( AAS ) Officially Banned! Anabolic Androgen Steroids short explanation:

Anabolic = This process includes the growth and mineralization of bone by an increase in density and size further increases muscle size by building protein blocks inside the muscles resulting in significant growth.

Androgen = natural steroid hormone our body produces like DHEA and Testosterone. Prohormones are subproducts of androgens.

Steroids = Are molecules crucial for body development, thus may result in androgen aftereffects. That is why Worldwide lows forbid usage of AA steroids. Today steroids are allowed only with Prescription by a specialist for autoimmune diseases, low growth development, asthma, cancer etc. when your body needs artificial steroids to get back on track and works normally. These people can suffer side effects too, but since they have a life treat they trying to get better and heal faster with steroids. You can’t get it for a muscle growth because feeling stronger and looking better is not a life threating condition. Still, you can use steroid subproducts for strength, energy, agility, endurance and muscle growth. These are prohormone supplements made for. Steroids introduction

How the process of biosynthesis looks like?

Prohormones are Androgen hormone boosters or Androgen subproducts with the ability to stimulate the production of Testosterone and DHEA by intaking precursors (as a trigger for biosynthesis) and a smaller dose of natural hormones will result in higher levels of natural anabolics.

Unfortunately, these are legal only in the United States, and most people can’t get any of them.

Prohormones chemical structure

Prohormones and side effects

Even if prohormones are weaker compared to steroids, these are steroid subproducts and its effectiveness and way of acting high enough to produce side effects. We are speaking about androgen side effects similar some of them even same like with steroids usage.

When is safe to use Prohormones?

If you follow the instructions from the manufacturer you are safe from the side effects. To make an example, DHEA legal dosage is 99mg per day. Most of the high-quality supplements already apply this dosage to maximize users experience and to respect legal boundaries. Prohormones are effective even in smaller amounts, so you will be able to find 10mg of DHEA combined with Testosterone. Since both are Steroid subproducts the amounts are usually smaller.

You can overdose with anabolic supplements if double dosage etc. If used as recommended side effects free. Safe is when you follow the instructions, that is all.

Is it possible to be immune on Steroids and Prohormones?

It is extremely rare but it is possible to be born without androgenic receptors. Just in case like this one will be impossible to enjoy the advantages of Prohormones.

Should you be afraid if using Prohormones or Anabolic supplements for bodybuilding?

The process of manufacture is so strict and digitalized there is no place for a mistake. These Prohormones or Designer Steroids or Legal Anabolic supplements are made for bodybuilding with guaranteed results. Actually, there are no prohormones side effects noticed from the day regulations implemented.

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