Muscle Growth Workout Plan

Muscle Growth Workout Plan for beginners

Muscle Growth Workout Plan has a different approach compared to the Lean Muscle Plan. This plan is created for superb muscle growth, strength, energy, and fat loss. So, let’s start.

Hydration and Nutrition


You have to take enough liquid (water is recommended) before any hard workout. Muscles are growing from your blood nutrients. To make a muscle bigger a good diet regimen is a must. Double size meal portion rich in AA (Amino Acids)and fibers: fish, red meat, white meat, fruits, vegetables, eggs etc. Fibers from protein will be synthesized into a muscle during hard pyramidal workouts.


Muscle Growth Workout Plan and Supplementation

Despite a fact trying to avoid any synthetic substance, real Bulk is not achievable with Muscle growth workout plan only. Staying on a diet and workouts will provide nice pumped up muscles if work out over a year. To speed up things anything legal is allowed. Because of a huge increase in muscle size during the short time period, your muscles should be supported with supplements. If you are trying to build smaller muscle size then go without supplements, it is doable but it will take much more time.

A regular choice for muscle supplementation is consist of protein shakes. That is ok, but for better outcomes, you will need something with testosterone at least. The best results you can get from DHEA supplements. If you are from The USA go with Marine Muscle DHEA supplements like Drill Master or Enduro. These are legal and non-toxic to your liver and kidneys if you follow the instructions.

We have already reviewed this supplements and you can find the link here DHEA SUPPLEMENT DRILL MASTER.

Recommended meal plan for muscle growth workout plan/cycle

Muscle growth cycle meal plan

  • 5 EGGS (boiled, baked or fried) with vegetables on your choice. You can add bacon, meat, spinach, or broccoli in it. One piece of whole grain bread without additives.
  • An oat meal double sized portion with fresh or dried fruit *Use tea, soy or almond milk, or orange juice for oats.
  • Protein cookies or bars * home made.
  • Protein pancakes with honey or fruit jam with no sugar.
  • Meat products with vegetables.
  • White meat *pork, chicken breast, and vegetables. No carbohydrates. Cooked, baked, grilled. Vegetables/Salad.
  • Fish, Pork, Turkey with green beans or tomatoes.
  • Greek low-fat yogurt
  • Sweet potatoes with salad
  • Pasta with ham
  • Salad with cheese (low fat)
  • Nuts, berries, bananas, protein bars or muffins, low-fat black chocolate, pear, yogurt, low-fat cheese, orange or some other citrus fruit.
  • Here you can take post workout protein shakes. We recommend Black Wolf because of the taste and quality. Click here for protein shakes.

If you are using supplements, take them before workouts as recommended by the manufacturer. You will have to check up the ingredients list because it must be a 100% top quality product.

Muscle Growth Workout Plan

muscle growth workout plan

Bulking Cycle is when you stick with your meal and workout plan for six weeks. You may go for a four-week plan or eight-week plan. It’s all up to you. Our recommendation is to stick with eight weeks muscle growth workout plan combined with supplements and protein shakes.

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