Building muscles like a PRO

There are no guides leading us from the beginning to the end of building muscles process. Since this is something any beginner need before start up with the bodybuilding we made our decision to create a guide for absolute beginners. So, where to start?

Building muscles from the absolute zero

Building muscles are hard, even harder if you are a type of a person never hit the gym before. We all have to work out so there must be a good starting point for inexperienced people.

Here we go

We need some kind of a plan. One for improvements in our eating habits, and the other one to improve endurance and make a decent training during the first week.

You need a good eating regimen and beginner workout regimen. At the beginning, your workouts should be more cardio than lifting. You will switch to much harder lifting and more intensive workouts when beginner fazes pass.


How to building muscles like a pro level beginner

When trying to building muscles first thing you will notice is a leak of endurance and that you are not strong enough to go through the workout routine. This issue will resolve with the time because the endurance has to be earned. A good diet will help you feed the muscles, improve the energy and help you go further. You can take the meal program we created from this link MEAL AND WORKOUT PROGRAM FOR MUSCLE GROWTH. Just stick to this plan and you will be just fine.

After the first week, you should notice a significant increase in endurance.

During the first week make sure you prolong the workouts from 30 minutes to 50. At the end of the second week, your endurance should be elevated in 1 hour. Now your routine is done with ease. Once getting to the point that you can do your workout plan with small increases in weight lifting you are not an absolute beginner anymore.

Learn about Pyramidal weight lifting. That is important and you should use it to increase the muscle size. Once getting to the point that you can do your workout plan with small increases in weight lifting you are not an absolute beginner anymore.

Building muscles like a pro level intermediate

Now you are one one month in the gym, diet program on the go and you are used to it. Now is a perfect time to boost the weights lifted into a more serious level. Workouts during this period should be harder. Adding more weights will increase the sparkle in the muscles and your body will know where to grow. You will be able to notice the difference weekly and we count your motivation to growth along with the results.

During this period you will learn which group of muscles needs which exercises and how to augment specific muscle. You will have a lot of fun while sneaking into someone eases workouts. It is great and useful to find someone more experienced from you to guide you on the spot and to show you how the things should be done.

during the second month, we recommend supplementation. Take something legal, rich in protein, and fibers.

Building muscles like a pro level PRO

when you are regular in the gym for at least a half of a year you can consider yourself a semi pro. to get on the PRO level you need to be a whole year in the gym and to start switching into a bodybuilding. Bodybuilders are doing hard dead liftings, they are actually pretty much extreme with anything related to the gym. They commonly use steroids or other anabolic supplements, and prohormones to increase physical power and build bigger muscles. If ever on this level use only legal stuff.

Building muscles like a PRO

Hope you liked our building muscles guide, now you are ready to look into our workout cycle category.

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