Workout Cycles For Beginners

Workout cycles for beginners from the scratch

Workout cycles are patterns you need follow to get the best and the fastest results from your hard exercises. Workout cycles are created for bulking ( muscle-growth) and cutting(shredding – losing fat and defining muscles) they are almost the same for beginners and professionals (main differences are in weight liftings and reps). You don’t have to stick with the both of the cycles, just pick the one seems right for your needs.

How to benefit from workout cycles?

Once you make your pick bulking or cutting you will have to follow diet regimen combined with workouts. Benefits from the cycles are fast and high-quality results. Once stick with it on the right way and notice the results you will have higher motivation and longer workouts.

How to eat properly while on workout cycles for beginners?

A good eating plan is important because that’s the way you feed muscles. Eating plan during the cycles is considered of low carbs and sugars and rich in Amino Acids and Protein meals. There are plenty of diet plans for those on workout cycles for beginners and professionals ready to download online.

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How often to exercise while on workout cycles?

Workout days must be combined with no workout days no matter if you are on workout cycles for beginners because it is the same thing. What does it mean? It should be like this Monday (workout), Tuesday (no), Wednesday (workout), Thursday (no) etc. One resting day has to be included in between workout days. If recommended workout days are exceeded you can take your body into over workout mode. Three to four workout days are enough to get the body you want in two cycles after you get to the point of visual satisfaction, two workout days will be enough to maintain the outcomes.

How long does it take for a whole cycle?

Depending on your routine workout cycle for beginners can be three or four weeks up to eight weeks, the same as the pro. Every day you will have different muscle groups to work on, but the same day every week.

How to find exercises for workout cycles?

You can use our template/table/schedule from here:

Use the one suitable for your needs and desire. There is no much difference between these or some other workout tables because all experts will offer a similar schedule.

workout cycles for beginners

How fast to expect first results?

You will notice first results in two weeks. After the first week, you will notice higher energy, strength, endurance, and stamina. As time goes exercises will be done with ease and will be done properly because the strength, energy, and endurance are important factors to a proper workout.

Workout cycles for beginners and supplementation

One of the most frequent questions we found is related to workout cycles for beginners supplementation. The biggest interest is related to steroids, an anabolic state of a body, and bodybuilding supplements.

Should you use steroids?

The answer is a huge NO, you don’t need the risk of an organ failure. No normal person alive will recommend steroids use. If it safe, you can find it in a store, a pharmacy or a web store.

An anabolic state of a body can be achieved with proper diet regimen,  good workout cycle, and legal supplements.


Which supplements to choose?

Supplements allowed to be used are non-toxic consist of legal substances. If you really want to get that anabolic look go with legal steroid alternatives. The results are a little bit slower compared to the injectable one, but at the end of a cycle, you will be pleased with the results. There are a couple of manufacturers you can choose from and we will be more than glad to give a recommendation are

Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids supplement stack for men

CrazyBulks is a brand selling so-called Legal Steroids a couple of years now. They have a product range and quality to cover all users needs from the beginning to pro levels. It may be hard to create a stack at the beginning so for the first round I will definitely recommend you go with Black Wolf.


blackwolf supplemen stack for men

Black Wolf Workouts (ALL IN ONE  supplement powder premium formula) has perfect Amino Acids ratio, with Biotin or B7, H vitamin, Whey protein isolate and Creatine Monohydrate for complete resorption and maximal body protein synthesis. This supplement stack may be the perfect choice for a beginner because you will get 5 nutrition and workout guides and a free shaker bottle. When you have all in one stack it is much easier to manage things at the beginning. The worldwide delivery is free.


Anabolic supplements Marine Muscle supplement stacks for menMarine Muscle is our favorite because of supplements with DHEA included (which makes it legal only in the USA), while CrazyBulks and Black Wolf Workout are both DHEA free and you can get it legally worldwide.


Why do we prefer Marine Muscle?

Its formula is strong and effective, with Marine Muscle you will be able to get that muscles with ease. In a whole cycle, it can be more effective compared to other legal supplements and protein shakes. We have already explained why is important to increase protein levels in the body and how it can help you achieve an anabolic state of a body.

You can find the research we have been done about the anabolic supplements here. If you stick to your workout cycles for beginners with proper eating plan and supplementation we assure you will be satisfied with the outcomes.

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