Top 5 Fitness Mistakes Women Make

Are you hitting the gym but making no progress at all? Maybe you are making some of the following fitness mistakes women make. Finding a spear time for visiting the gym after exhausting working day is very hard. If you are seeing any or very low workout results the most probably your will to workout will be lost or eventually will result in quitting the gym. Maybe some o the most common fitness mistakes women make are the ones you are making to. So, let’s check them out:

The most common fitness mistakes women make

Treating yourself after a hard workout – fitness mistake number 1.

Woman-eatingTreating yourself after a hard workout will ruin all hours of hard training. It is not rare thing women that themselves after training with a chocolate bar, a piece of cake, potato chips, a bag of candies, coffee late with sugar etc. All of us are feeling exhausting and week after training but the only thing you can actually take right after training to put yourself together and recover energy, electrolytes, and nutrients the body needs is a protein shake. If you never heard about these useful shakes there are specially formulated after-workout shakes like the one from the Blackwolf workout nutrition for women (I would like to recommend this specific one for women because the most of the professional athletes are using this brand).

There are no more than 30 calories in the protein shakes while your desired treats are counting from 250 – 600 calories, which is equal to one-hour workout. If you don’t want to use after-workout shakes you can take a protein bar.


Low-quality workout – fitness mistakes women make number 2.

Are you doing workouts properly? If you are not feeling muscle tension in the whole body there is a possibility of doing your routine wrong way. To avoid this type of mistake you have to exercise in front of the mirror and under the supervision (at least one training) just to be sure your routine and workout movements are fine. You will see the results if you combine high energy and technic together in a good workout.

If you are doing workout wrong way it can result in some serious injuries, I just want to let you know what you are facing doing workout wrong way. You can always ask the gym instructor to keep an eye on you during the first couple of sessions until you are sure your routine is good and safe.

Overeating – fitness mistakes women make number 3

All physical effort put in the exercising can easily be wasted if you intake a lot of unnecessary calories. Overeating is a big no-no if you are doing hard training for weight loss and obtain lean mass. Eating healthy and food rich in proteins and fibers is a must. Example (you can eat a lot of eggs but you should avoid carbs). If you are not sure about the best food choice, there are hundreds of meal plans for fitness you can download for free, still will benefit you a lot with your fitness goals.

Avoiding Weight Lifting – fitness mistake number 4

fitness mistakes women make

Some women are afraid of lifting weights. The biggest fear they have is to end up with Swarchenger body 🙂 Of course, this won’t happen, but they are afraid of pumped muscles.

Weight liftings are important for lean muscle-growth as well. Your body will look lean and tight if you are doing lean muscle weight liftings and exercises. You don’t have to do pyramidal liftings with weight increase for bulking, you can go through the whole routine with the same weight amount which will not end up with pumped muscles. The only thing you can achieve with lean muscle exercise is to grow strong and well-defined muscles. You can find more about lean muscle exercise here.

Doing just cardio program won’t lead to the equally developed body because it mainly affects lower body parts. Cardio is a perfect way for warming up the body and for fat reduction, leg muscle strength, and leg definition. Find a good rate to follow and do a couple of weight liftings with same weight amounts. Don’t push your self much it will be much easier as the time goes by. Half-kilogram batches in different sets of exercises will do the job and provide equal body strength.

Hitting one specific body area – fitness mistakes women make number 5

One of the most common fitness mistakes women make is hitting the one problematic body area and working out to fix just that specific issue. I will use the belly (abdominal) area as an example.

If someone has equal fat ratio all over the body but the most of the fat is accumulated at abdominal region, doing the exercises just for that body part won’t help. Why does that happen?


To speed up weight loss and fat burning you have to worm up the whole body. Better and a lot faster blood flow combined with hard exercise will burn fat as an energy source. Is simple as a workout more and waste more fat. If you are doing just abs exercising you won’t accomplish much because the rest of the body doesn’t spend any energy and the blood flow to the rest of the body will remain the same. If you want to burn belly fat get a proper protein diet, get 45 minutes cardio exercise and then go with jumping jacks, hammer hitting and similar workouts that include whole body movement and a body core strengthing. After it that you can do pushups and specific belly workouts. This way speed up fat deprivation and provide more muscle strength.

For more advice, you can search for a professional advice since personal trainers are experienced with fitness mistakes women make in the gym every day.

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