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The difference between anabolic supplements, supplements for bodybuilding, and steroids

When we go into this topic it seems hard not to go to deep. I will try to make it short and clear by giving enough space to explain each of them.

supplements for bodybuilding


Supplements for bodybuilding consist mostly of proteins. If you find the version of a supplement with just a proteins be aware no much of the results to expect. A good formula must have BCAAs (Amino Acids) in the right proportion, a lot of nutrients (proteins, minerals, and vitamins), especially vitamin B7 or H(for maximal body resorption of nutrients). Formula made this way is a guaranteed way to achieve the best results with no water retention.

Why are some supplements better quality and much stronger compared to others?

The most of the supplements are not providing permanent results. These supplements mostly are collecting amounts of water inside the user’s muscle and while working out you literally pumping the water in the muscle. Are you going to see results? Yes. Keeping the results is the other thing. With low-quality supplements for bodybuilding, you will lose at least a half of a muscle size in first ten days. Once you stop with the supplementation that accumulated amounts of water will be reduced and the muscles will splash.

If the formula you are using has all above mentioned included it means it will help you get the results. Some formulas are not good quality and the amounts of the substances are so low, just to be mentioned on the ingredients list. These supplements are not worth your money.

We can add another substance as effective to rich out the fastest supplements. Here we are talking about steroid hormones subproducts like Testosterone. It is very good if you find some natural testosterone booster like Wild Yam etc. on the list. If bodybuilding supplement of your choice has steroidal hormone booster from the group of Androgens (oxandrolone, oxabolone, testosterone, nandrolone) than we are talking about anabolic supplements and anabolic steroids. You will find more about these supplements in the next chapter.

What is better shakes or pills?

Some supplements are made to be used as shakes. These are still supplements just the way of taking it is different. Both are effective if the formula is good. Shakes are utilized immediately while dietary supplements are active after 20-30 minutes. You will find the instructions on the label under.

IMPORTANT: Use supplements for bodybuilding with no side effects and with a money back guarantee. If the manufacturers are The USA or The UK, that’s even better.

The list of top supplements (these are already checked manufacturers, guaranteed side effects free and effective).

The best manufacturers


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Anabolic supplements for bodybuilding are pills/tablets consisted of proteins chains, Amino Acids, and steroidal hormones. These supplements are also known as a Prohormones, Human Growth Hormones (HGH) pills, or steroid pills. As usual, people love to take as high amounts of a substance as possible to get the results almost instantly. With Anabolic supplements results are super fast, but still not fast enough to have the exact same results as steroids.

Anabolic supplements are legal or illegal depends on the ingredients. Usually, a regular dose of an anabolic supplement should not cause negative health effects. If overdose severe health damage may occur. Anabolic supplements will show up on any drug test. Anabolic supplements are stuffed with hormone booster to support the production of Testosterone or DHEA, the amounts are safe but not allowed in competition.

There is our favorite subdivision called like an anabolic. The amounts of hormones are as high as possible to stay legal while the truth to be told is quite anabolic. Anabolic supplements are on the edge between steroids and regular supplements for bodybuilding. The best version is with DHEA, but DHEA is still legal only in the USA. If you are inside the USA borders you can get steroid hormone supplements legally from the Marine Muscle. If you are not you can still get some HGH supplements from the Crazy Bulk.

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What to say, the anabolic steroids are risky, unsafe, with no guarantees, illegal and mostly low in quality. The low quality is a major issue, you are buying illegal stuff over a counter With no ingredient list, no side effects are known, no manufacturer, no expiring date – noting! I can’t understand anyone injecting baby oil or illegal stuff while knowing it is the worst possible thing to do. The leak of pieces of information is probably the major issue since they don’t know about legal anabolic supplements or that doctors can prescribe them steroids in some situations.

Anabolic supplements or steroids what is better?

Anabolic supplements or like anabolic supplements are better. Think safety first, the results will come. You won’t become a bodybuilder in two weeks even if you’re on the steroids. Anabolic supplements are still legal and there is no need for steroids. You can get a 100mg daily dose of steroidal hormone DHEA (considered as the most effective for fast muscle growth) legally inside a dietary supplement. These amounts are the highest legally approved dosage clinically tested not to produce negative effects on health because that much your liver and kidneys can take without harm. To be clear these are still steroids but not from the first branch. Anabolic supplements are steroids like supplements based on the chemical structure and you can get them legally inside the USA. There is no need for steroids when you have the safe version of the same androgen group of steroids. So, my vote goes to the anabolic supplements, not steroids.

Anabolic supplements are also hard to find, it is not something you can get in any supplement store. Actually, there are only a few manufacturers in the USA that legally produces supplements with steroidal activity like DHEA. You can get some from Russia, but I strongly recommend the one manufactured in the USA. Anabolic supplements for bodybuilding by Marine Muscle are my recommendation.

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