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Are you trying to find decent supplements for bodybuilding that helps to build muscles fast? An online research can lead you to supplements unable to make a proper increase in a muscle size? Trying to find the right one online leads to illegal stuff that can harm your health, so you will have to be aware of that.

Some people are satisfied with the results while others are not and you are about to find a lot of positive and negative reviews on different products. This doesn’t testify about the products quality because some of the testimonials are created by the competitors. That is why you need to read the ingredient list, and to look for the websites/blogs actually writing about the bottle content not just about the positive supplements results.

The most of the supplements are not providing permanent results. These supplements mostly are collecting amounts of water inside the user’s muscle and while working out you literally pumping the water in the muscle. Are you going to see results? Yes. Keeping the results is the other thing. With low-quality supplements for bodybuilding, you will lose at least a half of a muscle size in first ten days. Once you stop with the supplementation that accumulated amounts of water will be reduced and the muscles will splash.

The difference between anabolic supplements, supplements for bodybuilding, and steroids

When we go in this topping it seems hard not to go to deep. I will try to make it short and clear by giving enough space to explain each of them. You need to do a lot before you run your order.

supplements for bodybuilding


Supplements for bodybuilding are consist of proteins mostly. If you find the version of a supplement with just a proteins be aware no much of the results to expect. The formula is the same as in the protein shakes, you can go with protein shakes instead if that’s the case.

Some supplements are better quality and much stronger compared to shakes. These supplements have steroidal hormones and will help you build the muscles fast. Supplements with steroidal hormones consider as safe as long as you workout regularly sticking with your diet and follow the instructions on the label.


Anabolic supplements for bodybuilding are pills/tablets consisted of proteins chains, Amino Acids, and steroidal hormones. These supplements are also known as a Prohormones, Human Growth Hormones (HGH) pills, or steroid pills. As usual, we people love to exceed and to take as high amounts of a substance as possible to get the results almost instantly. Results are super fast, but still not fast enough to have the exact same results as steroids.

Anabolic supplements are legal or illegal depends on the ingredients and clinical trials. As usual, a regular dose of an anabolic supplement should not cause negative health effects. If overdose severe health damage may occur. It will show up on any drug test. There are high amounts of hormone testosterone or DHEA, the amounts are safe but not allowed in competition.

There is our favorite subdivision called like an anabolic. The measurements of hormones are as high as possible to stay legal while the truth to be told is quite anabolic.


What to say, the most anabolic that can be. Risky, Unsafe, No guarantees, mostly low in quality. The low quality is a major issue, you are buying illegal stuff over a counter no ingredients, no side effects, no manufacturer, no expiring date – noting!

Anabolic supplements or steroids?

Anabolic supplements or like anabolic supplements are even better. Think safety first, the results will come.

You can get steroids legally if you pick some supplements with the anabolic way of action legally. There is only one manufacturer for the USA that legally produces supplements with steroidal activity like DHEA. You can get some from the Russia, but I strongly recommend the one manufactured in the USA. Anabolic supplements for bodybuilding by Marine Muscle are my recommendation.

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